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  • October 31 & November 1: North Way Live Weekly Gathering

    Whether you’re on the extreme left or the extreme right… or what some call “the exhausted center” our devotion should be to God and not a party, a person or an agenda. There isn’t a party that God is looking down on right now and saying “you’re the one I want to win.”

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  • October 24 & 25: North Way Live Weekend Gathering

    Your home shapes who you are and how you live. But what do you if you wake up one day and realize that you may have been operating out of the wrong home?

    Have you heard the phrase: “be in the world, not of the world”? It’s actually not a verbatim phrase in scripture. It’s not specifically written in the Bible.

    Jesus said our home is not this earth, it’s in Heaven. He asked God to make us holy. He teaches us how to live from the home of heaven, not the home of earth. Because home shapes who we are and how we live… it also shapes how we vote.

    This time of year you always hear “vote your conscience.” But when was the last time you checked your conscience? How is your conscience informed from a heavenly perspective?

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  • October 17 & 18: North Way Live Weekend Gathering

    We are to go out of our way to love those who are opposed to us. As human beings, we bare God’s likeness. As Christians we believe that every person is made in His image and is fearfully and wonderfully made. Donald Trump is made in God’s image, Joe Biden is fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves them both.

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